A Fever & A Baby

"Fever" and "Baby", are definately are two words that shouldn't go together, especially for the first time! And in true new mom fashion, I panicked.  It was Thursday morning, I was helping my grandmother by taking her to her optometrist appointment. It was there that I felt Penelope's head and it was way too hot! I knew something was wrong by the way she was snuggling into my neck and letting her body weight rest on my shoulder. I was scared. I called my mom who worked as a baby nurse for years and she said to take her to a walk-in clinic. 
I probably looked like a crazy lady, all sweaty and wide-eyed and panicking when I walked into the doctors office. A quick 5 minute appointment, and I was told to take her immediately to the hospital. 

Thankfully Penelope's fever went down the following day, but that was scary. More scary for mommy and daddy then baby P, but we learned a few things.
1.) A good quality thermometer is a necessity!
2.) Always have children/infants Motrin or Tylenol in your diaper bag.
3.) Pay attention to your child's fever because children under 6 months can deteriorate very quickly.
4.) Keep baby hydrated, and cool!
5.) Give lots of lovin' and snuggles.

Thanks for reading! 
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