If you need us this summer, this is where we will be.

This morning I did not hear the phone ring, or remember Tony waking up to get it, all I remember is Penelope 'baby-talking' through out the night. At one point I woke up somewhere between midnight and 3 am, to feed her because I could hear her making noises.. to my surprise she was still asleep! 
I think she is starting to talk in her sleep because she was having what seemed to be a happy conversation with someone full on sleeping still. 

"Do you want to go boating? we could have a picnic?" my dad said, as I answered my cellphone. 

It was 7:15 which was unusually late for us to sleep in until. I made a Sunday breakfast that comprised of locally sourced peppercorn and molasses bacon and spinach sandwich for Tony, and Strawberry and Prune mush for Penelope. 

We were out the door by 8:15, and at the shore a few minutes later. My dad pulled up with the boat as close to the shore as possible, we loaded the baby in her raft safely with a life jacket and her dad holding on to her very tight. She was a very brave little girl this morning, I am so proud of her. 
I did manage to forget my memory card for my new camera somehow! which I pleaded for my family to wait for me while I swam ashore and ran back to our house across the street to grab it. 
Thank goodness they did! I am so happy I was able to catch some of these moments of our great day together. 

Tony and my dad, did a series of fishing stops along the way. Stopping at little islands here and there to try their hand at catching dinner or two. 

I wasn't sure if it was just too much sun but Penelope slept for what felt like hours, and my mom and I took turns napping with her. The sound of the waves hitting off the bow, and the gentle rocking of the waves would put anybody to bed if you let it. It was one of my favourite sounds that reminded me of my childhood, since we were always boating. That is what I want to my daughter, to recreate some of my best memories as a child for her. 

A few hours later, we ate peanut butter and jam sandwiches for lunch and split an orange it was time to move to another island and to the next fishing spot. The guys caught several small mouth bass, and only my dad would end up catching the monster of Georgian Bay on his lure. It measured as long as the baby! we took a picture just as proof it wasn't just another fish tale. 

Tony was as happy as a clam catching my mom and dad's dinner tonight. They had never tried pike before, and they were happy to make it for dinner tonight after they dropped us back off at our little beach. 

 Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere we found a little island that was only home to the seagull's that lived there. We pretended we were pirates, finding a deserted island in search of a hidden treasure. I wish! The only thing we found was this lonely flower that grew in the middle of this deserted island, in the middle of nowhere. 
But, it was a nice little stop to stretch the old legs and teach Tony how to use my camera to take pictures (next time he can take the pictures of me and Penelope instead).

The ride back home was quick, as it always is when you've had such a good time out on the boat. 
We packed up our extra swimsuits, hats, and my camera put those on the Penelope's blowup duck so that it wouldn't get wet and we pushed it ashore. Tony went back and got Penelope who was slowly waking up from her long afternoon nap on the water. 

I am tired. The kind of tired you feel when you got too much sun for your own good. The kind of tired that not even two cups of coffee can keep you awake for. The kind that babies cry from because they are just exhausted and need to go to bed early tonight. 

Its 7:30pm and Im off to bed. Good Night. 


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