Its Friday! I am finally getting #thedailymoments blog post up, and if you didn't know Steph Pullock who is an amazing photographer started a tag where other bloggers, and photographers, mamas and who ever else wants to join along. These are moments from my day, as a stay at home mama, wife (to-be .. HINT, HINT...) and legit the most exciting person ever (kidding)...

1. I have wanted a headboard since we moved in to our home. Finally, I got one and I couldn't be happier.
2 & 3. I couldn't pick just one photo, because she looked so happy in the blurry one! I love her so much.
4. The calm before the storm. I am the happiest when I can stop and enjoy the simple moments.
5. OMG, Penelope is in a mood today! She is crying and whining constantly.
6. The only way I can get her to stop crying. I never thought I would be that mom who puts her baby in front of a tv, but there are just some days where you HAVE to do what you can.

Next Friday I will try to have another #thedailymoments up on the blog.

You can find #thedailymoments from Steph Pullock here


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