Penelope's Favourite Books at 5 months old

I made myself a promise that I would share Penelope’s favourite books as soon as I thought she showed some interest in them. 
Since she was born we would read her books, her newborn self would watch mommy and daddy’s hands change the pages, while she would drift off to sleep. 
Now, at 5 months she is like a completely different baby. She is genuinely interested in books, and even thou she may not understand everything yet.. She does love starting at her book shelf while she is getting changed in the morning. Our routine now includes reading a book in the morning after she gets changed and before she gets fed. Then again at night before her bedtime, we try to read a different book for her. 

Reading is the easiest way to develop your Childs brain, and when you read your child the same book over and over again it is a great way to increase your child’s language development.  

COCO -  My first Coco Chanel Little People, BIG DREAMS
This was a fun book I found at Winner's when I was looking at the children section. I saw another one called Amelia, which was about Amelia Earhart. I love fashion and thought this would be a nice decor piece as well as a fun book to read to Penelope. 

Say Daddy - by Michael Shoulders and Illustrated by Teri Weidner
This was one of the first books Penelope was given by her Aunt Michelle. I love listening to Tony read it to her at night. We are still waiting for her to say her first word and I am hopping its "Ma-Ma", but I'd be proud of anything she said. 

Guess How Much I Love You - Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram
This is a MUST for any nursery!  It is such an adorable story of two hares, Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare who tell each other how much they love one another. 

The Pout-Pout Fish - by Deborah Diesen Pictures by Dan Hanna
 This is one of my favourite books to read Penelope! It is one of those books adults look forward to reading, and the pictures are amazing. P really loves fish, and we enjoy reading her books of fish. 

I found this Language Development PDF which was created by Carissa Stuck from, she is a speech-language pathologist who also has son and a great blog and you can check out her work HERE

 Let me know what books your children love at the moment! I love adding to Penelope's library. Also what books are you loving right now!? 


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